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Anu & Shaari

If you’re anything like us, you value experiences over stuff.

It’s the time spent with those you love that matters most. We’d like to think that you’ve stumbled upon our little corner of the internet because we have that in common.

We believe that although beautiful imagery and representation are important, what will ultimately move you to work with one photographer over another is the story behind the brand, the unique heart behind the lens. Here's a snippet of our story.


credit: Canary Films


Behind the Lens



Omoba was created by us (besties Anu & Shaari), to celebrate diverse and beautifully imperfect mothers. We’ve tailored our offers and services based exactly on what we would want for ourselves, our children, and our families.



We’ve honed our skills, exhibited at The Baby Show, spent countless hours developing our company, and hustled, all to make sure that what we offer our clients surpasses our own unreasonably high standards.



We take photos of genuine moments (think: less posed, more organic) and design bespoke, luxury print products for you, your children, and their children. After all, they're the ones this is all about. We're capturing your legacy for them. 



If you are looking for professional photography with a personal, friendly face then Omoba is the way to go.

No pressure or weird posing, just two fantastic women making supporting small businesses fun again.

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