Project 365 Fail

8772. That's how many photos are on my iPhone. Of course that excludes the 400+ I just had to frantically delete because my phone ran out of memory and iCloud was threatening to implode.

I know I'm not alone in saying that when I got pregnant I promised to take photos of my new little one every day so that I could have a wonderful memento to look back on in years to come. There are a literal ton of blogs of artistically inclined mums with seemingly perfect homes and (constantly) perfect light and 32 hours in their day and degrees in graphic design who are diligently documenting their baby's first year with an array of daily slr-standard 'candid' portrait shots of their consistently clean and well groomed baby *insert appropriate side eye emoji here*

Naively I had thought ‘how hard could it be?’ I see the baby everyday so surely I can take his photo every day.
— misinformed anu

I'm not that one. I'm really not and I have the evidence to prove it. Despite being a 'photographer' and having access to a pretty good camera and some pretty awesome lenses I really struggled to stay committed to this self imposed plan of action. Naively I had thought 'how hard could it be?' I see the baby everyday so surely I can take his photo every day. No. Not true. When you're tryna stay alive through the sleepless nights and you can't remember when you last ate anything more sustaining than a rich tea biscuit let alone took a shower without the door propped open so you can hear the tiniest peep, taking a lovely 'in the moment' lifestyle shot on your camera is suddenly less a priority. At least it was for me.

Instead I found that my phone was more likely than not within much easier reach than the Nikon. Not least because I was constantly timing my breastfeeds and recoding his poops and other such delights. So, whilst I did in fact manage to get a bunch (2000ish) of slr photos this year I took almost 4 times more photos on my phone.

This means several things -

1) I have several hundred photos of the exact same baby expression

2) I'm not in any photos except the standard mummy baby selfies - and trust me these get old after a while

3) I have no phone memory

4) I need to print off a selection of the best iPhone moments - pray for me, it's gonna take weeks to pick them out


What, pray tell, is the solution?

Whelp - doing a 365 project is not impossible; after all, there are numerous mummies (described accurately above) who have succeeded. But if you're a mere mortal like me then you'll probably have daily photos for the first 2 (maaaaybe 3 months), then weekly photos, then *ahem* monthly photos and then you'll dust off your camera frantically around the time of his first birthday.

It's all about pacing yourself (I think). Be realistic. Maybe a 365 project should really be a 52 project - less catchy but probably more achievable. Don't be too hard on yourself - as much as we're all about capturing the moment (photographically) there's no substitute for simply having a cuddle with your baby. Enjoy those few peaceful moments after a feed and watching them splash around the bath with glee.


Of course another solution would be to hire a professional. Not for 365 days obvs but to document the year (with you in it) and we can certainly help with that.

Maybe a 365 project should really be a 52 project - less catchy but probably more achievable.
— more sensible anu

It's not without irony that I realise our bestselling package is the Milestone Memories one. There's just something so relieving about handing over responsibility of documenting those first year milestones to someone else.


Our package involves us coming to your home, getting to know you and then capturing those baby cuddles and bathtime splashes plus much more. And the bonus is that you're in the shots, you don't have to worry about editing or printing because we'll put together some awesome products for you and the best part is you'll get some timeless photos, in print (!). And let me tell you, having print photos is basically equal to #winning.