10 details to capture of your little one

These may not seem important at the time but it's these tiny in-between moments and sweet details which fade in our memories as the business of life and parenthood takes over. And trust us, looking back on these in years to come will give you no end of warm and fuzzies.

  1. Naptime - you know they're cutest when they're asleep. Then you can't wait for them to wake up again....

  2. Bathtime - the more bubbles the better

  3. Fingers and toes - all the chubby, dimpled goodness

  4. Eye lashes or wild hair (we'll take either)

  5. Any and all meal time shenanigans e.g. first tastes and the accompanying carnage

  6. First sight of their shiny new sibling

  7. Grandparent cuddles - trust us, these are priceless

  8. Daddy time 

  9. Mummy kisses

  10. A walk, run or stumble in the park

Be sure to come back and let us know how you got on. :)