4 tips for photographing siblings

Sigh, they’re so adorable when they play nicely.

Just 4 tips - a nice manageable amount

  1. Give them an activity and then let them play - they’ll be relaxed and forget you’re watching for that perfect moment to capture. Bubbles are always a great option.

  2. Become invisible - tempting as it might be to wade in and fix them up, hang back and let the magic unfold

  3. Catch the details - their favourite toy, the gummy smiles, the mucky faces.

  4. Change your perspective - get down on the floor to their eye-level. The world looks mighty different when you're laying on your belly.

  5. Go outside - get them to chase each other whilst you chase the natural light! Local playgrounds or a wide open grassy expanse are the perfect backdrop. Added bonus? They'll be exhausted from running around and hopefully sleep all night. Boom.