Fulfilling an unrecognized need

Let’s just keep it real and get a little transparent.

When my dad was around my age, his mom died. Tragically. In a bus accident. I don’t even know exactly how old he was and many of the details are very fuzzy. We kind of don’t really talk about it and I’ve never known much about her. But she’s my grandmother, and although I didn’t know her, as I’ve gotten older and gotten to know myself a bit more, I find the few details I know of her resonating deeply within me. She’s not someone I think of very often, but recently while sitting at dinner with my sister casually chatting about her passion for education, she mentioned our grandmother.

“I don’t even really know what to call her. I think about her often, though.”

That confession really struck a chord in me. It was just something I never knew and really, I think my reasoning for not thinking about her more is subconsciously because I don’t have a clear picture of what she looks like.

I’ve only ever seen two photos of her. There’s a very blurry, almost damaged print of her holding a chicken leg (totally random, I know) and a more formal portrait of her with my grandad.

I don’t even really know what to call her. I think about her often, though.

Those two photos are such prized possessions in our family and when I think of it, once my parents are no longer here, those are the only two photos we will have to share with our kids when they ask about their family history.

I find the power of a photograph amazing.

Photography, of course, is also amazing, but a tangible photograph to preserve a moment captured has the ability to change a generation. This is exactly why Omoba has so passionately crafted packages with timeless print products meant to last a lifetime. In this digital age, we recognize that it may seem a little old fashioned or non traditional, but there is literally nothing like having a moment come to life in a tangible print.

This week we received a print order from a maternity and newborn session. Time has flown by and we’ve probably looked through the photo sets a hundred times since we photographed this family, but looking through the prints this week, you’d think it was our first time seeing them. We can’t wait to deliver these to our clients and hear their reaction. It simply never gets old.

There really is nothing like seeing a photo in print.

Going through a box of individual prints, casually turning the pages of a bespoke album, or hanging a wall art selection - the tangible element of a print is something a digital file will never be able to match.