Trepidation and excitement

It’s lunchtime and the suited-up city folk people are rushing about with purpose, squeezing in a quick bite for lunch. I check my phone again, and Shaari is texting me words of encouragement as I wait anxiously for Lisa. I’m carrying with me the culmination of countless hours of photography and editing, the product of 5 photo shoots and 12 months of little Olivia’s life - her Milestone Memories. And we can’t wait for Lisa to see it.

We’re proud of this album

Really, really proud. Every moment that we spent with little Olivia and her family was better than the last. From watching her older brother kiss her tenderly when she was just a tiny, sleepy newborn to being there as they fought over toys together just a few weeks ago. This is why we do what we do, what Omoba is all about. Building a relationship with a family and celebrating a parent’s love for their children.

Watching Lisa cry tears of joy as she looked through Olivia’s one year album for the first time was absolutely incredible, a real honour. When Olivia is 16 and looks through this album we want her to know that she’s really cherished.

Lisa took a gamble when she booked us.

She wasn’t sure she wanted any photos, let alone a year’s worth. But in this coffee shop, watching her clutch her beautiful album, knowing that it's going to become a cherished heirloom for the family means that this investment totally paid off.

Our album looks absolutely amazing! It’s captured the most wonderful time of our lives in such a natural and beautiful way. I am so delighted! Having this album to showcase our incredible journey and how we’ve all grown is just gorgeous! It certainly won’t be the end of the road... I already can’t wait to see the next one. 
— Lisa, mama of olivia