The Realness


Sometimes I think that we struggled to find a voice.

In fact I know this to be true. We started this journey with relatively little background knowledge, just stepping out in bold faith. Trusting that hope and a prayer would see us through. As a result we modelled some parts of our business on things that we had seen or things that we had read. When really what we needed to do was just be confident enough to reflect our true selves. 

Both of us have struggled with the level of vulnerability that is required to be out here and be real, to put your feelings on the line, to be transparent in your efforts and your struggles. And so sometimes we would write stuff that just didn't sound like us, because we were trying to be proper. That clearly was not sustainable. So we took some time out to collect our thoughts, a significant amount of time, and now I feel that we are better equipped to be out here and be real.

To present our business and our vision and our dreams in a manner that is reflective of our true selves.

Can you relate? If so, let us know! Drop us a line. Let's encourage each other. Iron sharpens iron.