Where’s Mum?

Oh how we long for those moments once they’ve passed

Our generation lives through photos.

Cameras are so accessible these days that we hardly find ourselves without the means to capture a moment for later review. Though the subject changes with age (from selfies to usies), our desire to freeze memories never fades.

I’ve never found a photographer able to master self portraits. We tend to do better with capturing the stories of others as we see them happening, but interpreting our own stories and moments is often a challenge. And whilst front facing cameras and selfie sticks have done a number in increasing the representation of those who most often find themselves behind the camera, I believe years from now when our children are looking through the albums we never printed (or assuming technology does not advance, old iCloud backups), I believe the question will often be,

“Where’s Mum?”

Great question - where is she? I see photos of me, but was Mum around? I shudder to think that if she’s not around to tell her tale, her story will too often be lost to the memories of those she left behind.

Where was Mum? Probably behind the camera.

Every mum knows how difficult it is to get her kid to smile for the camera. To get them to do that cute thing one more time so we can get the photo. We’ve all been in the place where we share that tender moment with our kid - the bedtime snuggles, bathtime bubbles, or random cuddles that remind us why we’d never trade this job for anything in the world. And oh how we long for those moments once they’ve passed.

There’s something special about inviting a friend into your home to share in your joy and capture your story. This is what we live to share - the every day moments. The most fond memories, ones that reflect Mum’s love, ones that will never fade.

Think it’s about time to finally book that photo session? We agree! We’d love to hear from you. Let’s get something in the diary today.