While the kids lay, the parents will play

If you’re anything like us, the first thing that comes to mind after reading that is sex.

I know this is an adult audience here, gosh I truly hope there are no underaged children reading this after hours writing, but let’s just keep it real. By ‘play’ what exactly might you mean? Because right now, my ideal play time while my sweet boy who has been sick for 3 days (and nights) is to lay right there with him. With him like in my own adult sized bed with a quiet baby monitor to assure me that he is indeed sleeping soundly.

It’s amazing how simple ideas take on new meaning after kids. I remember like a distant memory the days when I’d come home from work and slip into my joggers to watch a prerecorded episode of New Girl or the Mindy Project with a drink and some crisps. Dinner time was quality time. It still is… just in a slightly different way. We’re lucky now if we find enough time to have a proper meal before sauntering upstairs to deal with the pile of laundry and bath time tantrums before hitting the sack. All of this while praying my sweet boy sleeps to allow me a solid 6 hours tonight.

And finally discussing with the last of our energy who will do the nursery run in the morning...

I had a friend ask me when we could expect baby #2. Without hesitation, I answered, “Well, I have to see my husband for more than 5 minutes for that to happen.”

What is this life?

For the past week, our boy has been sick. Plagued by his new exposure to germs at nursery. I’m not here to claim any child he’s met at nursery is less clean than my son, but I am saying this sick-not-sleeping-through-the-night life is no fun.

So let’s see. When the kids lay, the parents will play. Together. Folding laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, and finally discussing with the last of our energy who will do the nursery run in the morning.

And with all the changes, I wouldn’t change a thing. Can y’all relate? Let me know your thoughts.