Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone - Grandparent Edition

Ever noticed how you don’t realise something’s missing until you’re forced to look for it?

You’re walking around happily, subconsciously secure in the knowledge that your phone is in your bag, congratulating yourself for not checking your emails, messages, instagram, facebook or latest youtube tutorial for the last hour. Until… reach for your lifeline and realise - nope, it’s not there. Not in your bag at all. In fact it’s nowhere to be found. Cue panic stations and apocalyptic meltdown.

But what about other things? Your online bank security thingy, the car keys, the baby’s dummy? All things you think are present until they’re not. Gosh, just writing this is giving me anxiety.

Avoid that pang of loss over moments that should have photographed

Well what about a photograph of Grandma? Or even more specifically a photo of Grandma with the latest grandkid (who just so happens to be your precious little baby/toddler/grouchy teen). You won’t know that you don’t have such a photo until you’re motivated to search for one (or you read this blog post, clearly). And such is the irony of life, that if you’re searching for it, you’ll quickly realise that you don’t have it and maybe can no longer get it. How is that possible?! They see their grandparents all the time! Grandpa is always tickling them and sneaking in outlawed treats. Or perhaps Grandma is always giving you (unsolicited), yet annoyingly apt advice and you’re sure you have a photo of her explaining said house rule to your little.

But you don’t have it. We want you to have it, so that you can cherish it and avoid that pang of loss over moments that should have photographed, but seemed too normal to do so at the time.

Ok, let’s dig ourselves out of this pit of melancholy and get to work. This festive season do something intentional and great by taking some very intentional photographs of the Grands.


Here are 4 handy, easy to execute tips:

  1. Grandparents are sometimes inexplicably shy in front of the camera so it’s often easiest to catch them unawares. Give them the kid to play with and hide behind the sofa - popping up now and then to snap some giggling, tickling glory.

  2. Zoom in on the details, you know, like Grandpa’s slightly round but delightful tum, and your litttle’s hand which loves to poke it.

  3. Share a meal. Grandparents love to feed a baby or a toddler. A teenager, not so much. We’re guessing it’s because, like all things grandkid related, they get to partake in the fun part and wander away during the clean up.

  4. Watch for their reactions. My Pops is forever gazing at little Z in absolute wonderment. Keep an eye out for the less obvious moments, when everyone else is watching the kids - you watch them, and snap that look of love (or irritation, whichever).

  5. Remember they're not a prop! Going back through my 100s and 100s of photos of little Z, I see the odd glimpse of Grandma - the side of her face, her hands, her back. In those early months I was so focussed on the new baby that Grandma and Grandpa kinda faded into the background of my shots. This Christmas I'm going to make sure I really see them. Let's try and make sure that our Grands are represented, not just an accessory to the perfect placement of the star player.  

Baby Z 365-3232.jpg

45 mins / 15+ images in online gallery / Six 5x7 prints to share with the fam // £150

Feel like you might miss the opportunity to practise these tips over Christmas, or maybe you’d like to be in some photos? Don’t worry, we got you. Because we’re keen that you avoid the melancholy pit of photos untaken and subsequently  lost (wow - dramatic much?), we’re booking some extra special New Year / 2018 mini-sessions to celebrate Grandparent love. These are super low maintenance, no prep required, just you, the Grands, some kiddies and us.

Ps: if you'd just like to have some family photos done then that's cool too.