Whoop whoop! We're so excited to share some images from one of our first Milestone Memories babies for this year :) I've (Anu) worked with Hasti for years, back when we were both junior Radiologists doing the night shift, eating fruit salads and listening to Radiohead, lol, oh the memories. It's such an honour to now be part of this next chapter of her family's life as they welcome and celebrate baby Dara. SUCH a cutie - that spiky hair though?!

Here are a few of our faves from their recent newborn shoot. Keep scrolling for more photos from Dara's second Milestone session. We honestly cannot recommend this package more - it's really a blessing to be able to chart the moments of a family over one year. And you get SO. MUCH. good stuff. Just saying....


We’re continuously amazed at how things always work together for good. Dara's second shoot was originally scheduled for different weekend, but had to be postponed. The next available weekend? Perfect timing.

As has become the standard for our Milestone Memories families, Hasti and Simon were really excited about their second shoot. Everything we hoped for came to life as we walked into their home.

Great light✔️

Happy baby✔️

Clean white bed linen✔️

What more could we ask for?

Seeing mum and dad tag team to admire and care for Dara was just so sweet. 2 months into being parents and they are naturals. And baby Dara, also a natural. Despite not feeling 100%, he was very ready for his closeup and even shared a few smiles with us.

Perhaps the absolute best part of this visit? Seeing the joy on their faces as they unwrapped the prints from their newborn session. We can’t wait to see how they choose to display their new artwork.

Until next time...

See their reactions and some behind the scenes footage here: