We’re pretty obsessed with our Milestone Memories package, you know, because it’s great and because it allows us to do what we love - photograph a little one over a period of time and watch them grow. Recently we did the final shoot for our very first Milestone Memories baby, and it was pretty special.

Let me tell you, those seemingly perfect cake smash sessions you see on Pinterest? Not so easy to recreate. It does take some planning, patience and a certain amount of ingenuity. Actually, I think my fave shots of Azariah have nothing to do with his cake (thanks Mum, it looked awesome regardless) and everything to do with that cheeky smile and generous lashings of whipped cream.

We met Azariah’s mum at the Baby Show (a gift that keeps on giving, shout out to all our Kickstarter supporters!) and we’ve shot them here and in New York. It’s incredible to see how ideas and plans that are scribbled all over our notebooks have manifest into reality. We’re so grateful to all the families that took a chance on a young business like ours and who appreciate the vision we have and the products we make. And designing Azariah’s album with fave photos from his 3, 6, 9 and 12 month sessions?? Priceless.