The Baby Show

What a weekend! We have finally found ourselves at a place where we are rested enough to begin reflecting on what the last few days have been.

Now on the other side of The Baby Show, on the other side of the work and exhaustion, we feel so blessed after sharing our brand with London this weekend. We had the opportunity to meet some beautiful families, to showcase our print products and a selection of our best shots in large scale wall art. We gained some incredible feedback that we will use going forward to sharpen our iron and hopefully perfect future Omoba Photography shows. We are now ready to work with the families who moved beyond expressing interest to booking Omoba Photography to capture their stories. What an incredible feeling.

More than anything else, we are humbled at the response to our brand. We have been working on crystalizing our vision for the last year and a half and this is our first time sharing Omoba on such a grand scale. We are proud of the space we designed and the experience we created. The level of exposure this weekend is invaluable and our hope is that lifelong relationships would be birthed out of the introductions.

We take a moment to thank God first and foremost for leading us along the path to seeing this idea through to fruition. We also are extremely grateful to all our family and friends who supported us financially through Kickstarter, who prayed for success for this weekend, and who have been sending words of encouragement throughout this process. We would not have been able to do this without you.

As we've heard several times this weekend, this is only the beginning. We look forward to what lies ahead.

Enjoy a few moments captured over the weekend (and some behind the scenes goodness).