Before every shoot, we send our families a what to expect document with a few tips to help guide and alleviate any last minute anxiety. Our aim is always to create the most stress free and enjoyable experience possible.

Although our suggestions serve as just a guide, there are a few things we can’t help but smile when we see. Plain coloured baby grow, well fed baby, and a clean white bed in a well lit room? There is never a time we can’t work magic in that setting.

Having done a few 6 month shoots, we know bubbles always win. Especially when Mummy and Daddy get involved. Debbie and Andrew were just so great. Their love made our work easy. Victoria also loved having all the attention on her. Really, which baby doesn’t love having both parents for 2 hours of playtime? Sounds great to us!

Check out a few of our faves below:



During bath time, for sure, but especially when trying to capture cute smiles and giggles, blow a few bubbles. For a few more tips on how to photograph your baby, check out our post.