Omoba Brand Re:Fresh!

What’s worse?  

/ Our first portraits of each other. Oh how fresh faced we were! /

/ Our first portraits of each other. Oh how fresh faced we were! /

To lose all the photos on your phone, or all your contacts? For us, it would be losing all the photos. For sure. Honestly, would be it be so bad to lose your contacts? It’d be more like streamlining your life and revealing who your true friends really are, lol. But losing all your photos is a whole other ballgame, those are memories that can’t be repeated. And we are definitely not part of the 1% that regularly backs up or prints all our iPhone photos. Goodness, just thinking about this hypothetical is anxiety inducing.

The reality of lost photos and forgotten moments has made a big contribution to the vision of our company. Some of you will know that we met by chance - in one of those sliding doors type moments in life, where you just click with someone. One minute they’re a complete stranger and the next it’s like you’ve known each other for 10 years. It’s fitting that our chance meeting was at a photography workshop that would be the first step of a journey that’s been going on for 5 years.  

Everyone has the ability to create something beautiful

As we started to appreciate our random, seemingly unsustainable friendship and really started to photograph subjects that had significance to us, we realised that everyone has the ability to create something beautiful. In creating new imagery we also began to recognise a lack. A lack of diverse, authentic women in beautiful, unstaged photography.

We realised that being comfortable as your authentic self - and having that captured in a photograph is the true beauty that we could offer.  Our goal became to create a photography experience - an all inclusive, no judgement, relaxed experience, that women from all backgrounds could enjoy. An experience focused on candid moments; moments that are unique to you and your family; moments that will mean everything when you look back at them - in their printed form.

Beautiful stories. Beautiful images

Enter - Omoba Photography. Four years ago, we launched our company and brand with a vision to celebrate authenticity and diversity in motherhood. Over the last (many) months, we’ve considered our client feedback, evaluated our opportunities, and worked hard to rebrand Omoba Photography to reflect our purpose with more clarity.

We invite you to get lost in our new world of beautiful stories and images. Please, drop us a line and follow us on instagram, facebook or twitter. We would love to hear from you. 

So, whether you’re a Mama-to-be, a Mama-to-be’s bestie, a new dad or a proud grandparent, send us a note at and we’ll chat about how we can work together to capture some timeless moments of your family.

It’s an investment that you’ll never regret - just take a look at this lil reaction video :)

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