1. Who is your dream client?

Xaiya-45 wm.png

Great question! It’s someone who’s embarking on this motherhood journey armed with a slightly dazed optimism, but is ready to celebrate the tiny (but awesomely cute) every day milestones of her little(s). Someone who has a slightly unhealthy obsession with polaroids or any size printed photo really! Lastly, a mama who wants to be able to pass on tangible printed memories to her family, because these are priceless.

2. Do you work out of a studio? Where do most shoots take place?

We love the freedom of shooting on location, so all our shoots take place in the comfort of your own home or at a favourite location of your choice. We've found that the intimate nature of our shoots really lends itself to a location that is already familiar and comfortable to you. Plus, it means we get to include your fave toys, blankets, trinkets, and we can pause for naps (you, baby, us - whoever) and snacks.

3. How long does a typical photo session last?

Our photo sessions last anywhere between 2 and 3 glorious hours.

Anu Maternity-8091 wm.png

4. I’m interested in doing a maternity photo session. When is the best time to do that?

We’ve found that the third trimester, anytime from about week 34 onwards, is perfect. At that point you’re nice and round, but hopefully not too uncomfortable!

5. My newborn doesn't seem to like being photographed very much, but I want to have photos taken. What should we do?

We understand that little ones have their own unique personalities and sometimes they're not fond of having their photos taken. No problem! We are totally flexible and understand that feedings and comforting may be necessary to get their consent. Thankfully a solid hour of photographs is usually enough to get a quality photo set. We've been known to demonstrate unparalleled patience when dealing with unwilling photoshoot participants (*ahem* including you, Dads).   

6. Do you offer a baby’s first year package?

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Yes, we do! Milestone Memories is our signature package specifically designed for baby's first year and is stock full of goodies. We do 5 shoots over the year, usually at these stages (but we're flexible too, just in case you're late to the party):

  • maternity

  • newborn - first 2 weeks

  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • first year - smash the cake session or whatever; Apparently not everyone loves cake.

This is our absolute fave package and Lisa loves it too, see what she had to say about her heirloom album

7. Do you offer digital files?

Yes, we do. High resolution images are included in your session fee and can be downloaded from your gallery. However, we would really encourage you to choose some of our print products, which are produced by a carefully selected professional printer. People often think they only want digitals, but never end up doing anything with them. How many unprinted photos do you currently have on your phone or camera? Loads, right? Well, we offer a holistic service and want you to have beautiful prints, albums or wall art to touch, hold and display. You can order fantastic products directly from your online gallery.

8. I’m not pregnant or married with children. Will you work with me?

Of course! We love capturing candid moments and we’re more than happy to do that with anyone who likes our photography style. Business or individual, we don't discriminate. 


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