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Milestone Memories

Life is very different to the way it used to be.

You’re a soon-to-be new mum, you’ve just added a new baby to the family, or maybe you already have a whole tribe. Either way, your life is suddenly very different. Now you’re consumed with love (and occasionally frustration - let’s be honest) for your little ones and this beautifully messy family that you’re part of. Each day brings a new revelation, a new marvel, and before you know it you’ve forgotten the tininess of their nails, the softness of their hair, or the way their face scrunched up at the first taste of puréed apples.

We can appreciate every mum's desire to complete a 365 project to document all the cute firsts (we tried it too - and failed).  But there comes a point when you realise that almost every photo you have of your family is on your phone. You have nothing to hold and you're not even in most of the photos. That might not seem like a problem now. But what will your children have to remind them of you when you're gone?



Our signature package, celebrating special moments from baby's first year


Olivia / From 0 to 1 year

Beau-William / From 10 days to 1 year 4 months



Anu & Shaari capture amazing photos with a personal touch, and present them in such an elegant way. Plus they're lovely people with amazing customer service.

You need to hire them as soon as you're pregnant! 

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