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What to Expect 

Our session with you will feel like hanging out with two friends.

We'll chat and laugh and take photos. It's not stressful, often surprisingly fun, and our focus when with you is to capture natural, honest moments, rather than staged poses. Don't worry if being in front of the camera seems daunting. We'll provide direction and do our best to keep you relaxed. We got you!

We photograph in a raw colour format, and after your session handpick a selection of the very best images. We then edit these individually to ensure that each image achieves its full potential. Your final photographs are presented in an online, password protected gallery. All clients receive a minimum of 30 photographs and our aim is that each image be viewed as a stand-alone piece of art. 


credit: Canary Films


Here's a handy visual of our process and your journey

WTE flow v4.png

Beau 3m-157.jpg



The beauty of our Omoba experience was that Shaari and Anu became a part of our family. We opened our world for them to see and they captured a side of us that few are allowed access

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